Editie 2015:

Ingediende projecten

“Het effect van cardiale revalidatie op exercise oscillatory ventilation (EOV) bij patiënten met hartfalen”
Justien Cornelis UAntwerpen
“G-COACH: Geriatric co-management for cardiology patients in the hospital”
Mieke Deschodt KU Leuven
“Assessing the hemodynamic status, invasively and non-invasively, in patients hospitalized with acute decompensated heart failure”
Riet Dierickx – OLV Aalst
“The Cardiac Patient Training Companion, a comprehensive and patient-tailored mHealth program for coronary artery disease patients”
Ines Frederix – UHasselt
“Mind the care gap: a population – based international study on the impact of care gaps on mortality, morbidity, and healthcare use in patients with congenital heart disease.”
Eva Goossens – KU Leuven
“EXPERT (‘EXercise Prescription in Everyday practice & Rehabilitative Training’) Flowchart Project”
Dominique Hansen – Uhasselt
“Congenitally corrected transposition of the great arteries - myocardial reserve and fibrosis imaging”
Frederik Helsen